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Guiding Information


Full Day Guided Fishing.............$425.00

    Up to 2 anglers*.  This is a FULL day plan on at least 8 hours.


Half Day Guided Fishing............$300.00

    Up to 2 anglers*.  4 hour trips can be set up for either mornings or evenings (or even mid-day) depending upon the time of year.


Evening or Early Morning Trips...$250.00

    Up to 2 anglers*. These 2- 3 hour trips are for those times of the year when the trout are really feeding at certain times of the day. Summertime early morning Tricos or night time drakes.


Cumberland Valley Stream Tour..$200.00

    If you don’t want to fish with a guide but you want to know where to go, what flies to use, I can arrange an introductory tour to the streams of Central PA.  I will intrroduce you to some of the wonderful fishing opportunities in Central PA. These tours are a max of 1.5 hrs.


Stream Entomology.....................$200.00

    Want to learn about what the trout are eating? We will get into the stream and see what is living there. This involves collecting some aquatic insects and streamside identification and information about the behavior of the insects we find and how they relate to a trout’s diet.


Drinks are provided for all bookings. Lunches are provided for full day trips.


What To Bring



    4 or 5 weight 8’ to 9’ rods are ideal for most of the fishing we will do.  If you want to go fishing for brook trout on some of the smaller streams in the area a 6’ to 7’ 3 or 4  weight rod will get the job done.  Floating lines cover all of the fishing.  Feel free to bring your own rods or I can provide rods for you.

    Chest waders are a necessity and you must bring your own, unless you want to wet wade in the warmer months of the season.

    I will provide all the flies we will use, or again, feel free to bring your own.

    Polarized sunglasses are a must.

    It is also a good idea to bring a rain jacket in case of a rainy day or that inevitable late in the afternoon summertime rain.  I will have a camera to document the day.


Cancellation Policy

    Please give me notice of cancellation a week prior to the day(s) you have booked. Otherwise you will be charged the full amount for that trip.  Cancellations due to weather will be solely up to the guide (me).  If I wouldn’t fish in it, you wont fish in it.  Also there may be times when I must cancel a trip due to high water or other unsafe conditions.  But if it looks like we may get some rain, we are going fishing! It’s better sometimes anyway!  Refunds for cancellations  after we have started a day fishing will be determined by the amount of time we get to fish that day.



Equipment Rental


    If you are going to be in the area for business or vacation and don’t have your waders or you are just thinking about getting into fly fishing making the investment of hundreds of dollars on a rod, reel, lines and flies, don’t worry you can still go fishing.  In addition to the Scott Fly rods, Abel, Ross and Hatch reels that I will have available for your use, My friends at TCO Outdoors can rent you everything you need to be fully equipped to go fishing.


*on the rare occasion I will accommodate three anglers.  If you have three in your party, I would be happy to discuss this with you. There will be an additional charge of $100.00 for half day bookings and $150.00 for full day trips.  If you have more than three people give me call, I will do my best to accommodate your needs with an additional guide(s).

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