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about me

I live in Boiling Springs, PA with my wife and two children.  I have been fly fishing the waters of Central PA for over 30 years (I started fly fishing at the age of 10).  In that time I have fished many of the streams enough to get to know them pretty well.  I really enjoy getting to these streams when the flies are at their peak emergence.  The only way to know when this is going to happen is to get out there and go fishing (and listen to those old fly fishermen who have been doing it a lot longer than I have)! I have a BS in biology from Millersville University where I focused on aquatic entomology and ecology.  I have fished over some truly spectacular hatches here in Central Pennsylvania and I love sharing the experience of a major hatch with people.  But the flies do not always cooperate or just are not hatching when we go fishing so I will do my best to impart what I know to you so you can have a productive day on the water. I think that going fishing should be most importantly a fun activity and also an activity where we learn something about the trout and world he lives in.

    I enjoy fly fishing for saltwater fish and have caught fish on the fly from Massachusetts to Mexico, but my heart lies here on the limestone streams of Pennsylvania  I am also involved in conservation efforts surrounding water quality in our area. I am on the board of  Cumberland Valley TU and believe that through partnerships with all sectors of the  local community we can achieve our conservation goals with benefits for all involved. I also enjoy the history of fly fishing, I serve on the Board of the PA Fly Fishing Museum Association hoping to help promote the history of our wonderful sport. Please visit the PFFMA website here: www.paflyfishing.org for more information.

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